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Decoding means to figure out the who, what, when, where and how, of the events that are really playing out in your daily life. Most of us just focus on what is happening on the physical level and/or this side of our lives, when in fact, there are mental, emotional, spiritual and "other side" forces that are typically at play.  These forces play a far greater role in the 3rd dimension that very few understand.

We aren’t given a manual of what to expect or how to make real changes in our lives.  We are born into this reality with our memory blocked.  We make agreements for how we are going to live our lives, and then have no idea what those agreements are.  We have layers of separation that keeps us trapped, blocked, distracted, or fixated on the wrong things.  

Life's path can be an amazing journey once you know how to navigate through it. The issue we generally face is that you cannot solve a problem on the level it is showing up. For example, you may be frustrated that you can’t make enough money in your life. One answer may be that you are stuck on the poor side of the rich/poor karma game and until you pay back your financial debts to others, you can’t move your wealth needle.


After years of research and practice, the creators of this site decided to share this information so that you can make significant up-levels in your life.  Finding deeper understanding of yourself, developing a greater connection with a higher purpose, and lead the life you were meant to live.  


Hold on tight, it can be a big awakening in your life.  Are you ready?  


If so, reach out to us at:


We would love to hear from you. No situation is too small or too large for us to decode.

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