If you feel stuck in your life (Don't worry! We have all been there) and need some additional help to understand on a deeper level what is actually going on, our spiritual life coach is available on individual bases.  


  • Constantly meeting the same toxic people over and over?

  • Feeling stuck, drained or in a intense relationship?

  • How about just feeling drained, unhappy, unfulfilled and don't know why?

  • Can't understand why things aren't going the way you want them to?

  • Feeling trapped in your current state of life?

  • Feeling overwhelmed or have anxiety that doesn't seem to go away?

  • Feel like your spinning in the same thing everyday?

  • Feel like you don't really understand yourself?

  • Feel like you don't understand why other people act the way they do?

  • Feel like there is more to life but don't know how to get there?


These were all questions our spiritual life coach asked herself on a daily bases.  Kristi's journey to understand what was going on in her life and her bodies is extensive.  Kristi began to receive visions at a very young age, could hear and see messages, and could remember her dreams daily.  At the time she did not understand what this actually meant.  She experienced many negative experiences on a consistent bases through our her life, but knew deep down there was much more going on.  Her curiosity and drive to constantly ask "I need to understand what and why this is happening to me (or around me)", unraveled the answers for over her lifetime.  This work and her life experiences have allowed her to turn around and decode others that are asking: "Why is this happening to me?" and "what am I really doing here?"


Individual Sessions

Individual sessions are available in 30 minutes and 60 minutes slots.  Sessions are open to any topic needed. If you have a particular question (or area of focus) is always a great start.  Kristi will begin decoding what is at actually going on.  Once the decoding is complete, the real work begins; taking the information and detangling your life.  


Kristi has worked extensively on (but not limited to): karma, programming, patterns, beliefs, agreements, implants, black magic, past lives, life lessons, veils, and attacks.  

Karmic Reviews: These are reviews of all your karmic lessons and what you chose to pay back (karmic debt) in this lifetime.

Pattern Reviews:  These are reviews of the patterns you are experiences and agreed to experience in this life time.

Beliefs/Agreement Reviews: These are the believes and agreements you agreed to in this life time

Implants Removals:  These are spiritual devices placed on you to cause harm.  Kristi has worked extensively on understanding implants and how to remove them.

Past Life Regressions:  Most current life issues have usually something to do with a past life.  The review of past lives will help one understand themselves and potential move on from a belief, behavior, attitude, trauma or agreement(s).

Clearings:  Once someone reaches a certain point in their work, they can request a clearing, this is like a "all lifetimes" removal of a life lesson. (please note these are additional cost)

30 min. $85 / 60 min. $150 per session

Decode my Life has a unique speakers bureau that is comprised of expert speakers on the following topics: Karma and its effects on your life, conflict resolution, empowering others to be successful, understanding patterns and behaviors in one's life, and improving communication and understanding personality styles.

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