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Decode Karma

By Alison Cherney

Karma is the law of attraction and balance. When we commit a karmic action, we must pay the debt we created and learn the karmic lesson. Amazingly, there is little recorded information on the specific actions that create karma. Decode Karma is the result of years of research on these actions. This book describes karmic actions, how to identify them in your life, and how to get them cleared and resolved.

Alison Cherney Bio

Alison Cherney is a nationally recognized entrepreneur, speaker, writer and consultant who empowers you to identify and resolve the real issues in your life.


As a successful business expert, Alison has spent decades consulting for hundreds of start-ups to Fortune 100 companies on strategies and tactics to grow their businesses.


Key to any company’s growth is its people. Through her unique and in-depth training programs on communication, conflict resolution and business prowess, Alison recognized that there were deep underlying issues that couldn’t be resolved through traditional training or counseling methods.


In the 1980s, Alison began searching for the true answers to human life purpose and interactions. Combined with her successful business career (American Hospital Supply Corporation, Baxter, International, Lifeline, Ionia Pharmacy and Cherney & Associates, Inc.), Alison studied most of the key spiritual information available in the world.


She discovered that karma was the “door” to answer the questions that were in people’s way of success.


She also realized that while people talked about karma as some form of punishment in the West and hailed karma in the East as a law, nobody could define exactly what it was and how it played out.


Alison’s seventh book, Decode Karma, is the result of her years of research into this subject. Decode Karma defines karma and the 160 games that we can play. This research has been tested for years. She has concluded that people can easily identify the specific karma game(s) that they are acting out and can learn the karmic lesson to move on in their life.


Alison is very excited to share this knowledge with you.