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Four options to create your life

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

There are four ways to create your life – I bet you thought there might be one or two!

Way Number 1: You are inside the Game of Separation. You are deep inside it. You need to figure out if you can actually create anything or you are merely just reacting to all of the things in the game. If for example you are stuck in the karma veil in the specific karma game of subjugated/subjugator/torture/tortured karma, well, then you will just keep playing one of these roles until the karma clears. If for example you don’t feel like you are connected to Source, then you are probably stuck in the false guidance veil.

True “creation" of a new life is difficult in the game. You can ask Source to show you where you are in the game, or ask the decoder, or just let it play out until you achieve some level of freedom inside the game and can graduate onto steps 2 or 3. It is certainly possible that you can receive miracles from Source – see Way Number 4. Otherwise, this isn’t really a level of creation – just merely the illusion that you are in that Is controlling of your life, and how it moves forward.

It is important to note that in this form of creation, you are merely using your own senses to create. We were given six senses: Seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling/touch, tasting and extra sensory perception/intuition. Your ability to create in this way will be dependent upon how advanced and integrated each of these senses are for you.

Way Number 2: Working with the Universe. Source calls the universe “she” or female because she receives information from you and then decides how to respond. How does this work exactly? Think of the universe as the great responder. She was invented by Source to show you where you are in this game. If for example, you put out constant negative thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and visions, you will receive a negative reality. If you on the other hand put out positive thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and visions and you can clear out of a part of the game that may be blocking you, the universe will respond to you quickly. Think of yourself of the universe for a moment, all day long people send you negative reality information, you get bored, however, you give it back to them. Then one day, somebody clears out of a part of the game and transmits data on the positive pole. You respond immediately because it is clearer information and it is positive.

In this form of creation, you use your senses and by upgrading your senses, the universe will respond at a better rate to your reality.

Way Number 3: Co-creation with Source. The third way is co-creation with Source. This can be done inside or outside of the game. In this form of creation, you need to do a lot of asking (some call it prayer). Praying has a bit of problem because it isn’t generally done properly. It should be done via a command – a positive form of a statement and the best way to do it is three times. For example, I am receiving, I am receiving, I am receiving now, I am receiving all of the abundance that Source has for me now.

In this form of creation, you use your senses combined with Sources’ senses to create.

Way Number 4: Miracles. Miracles are a gift from Source that uses just their senses. A miracle is generally something that you haven’t even thought of happening. Source decides that you will receive a thing, an experience or a person and it comes like a bolt of lightning into your reality. There is always a reason for the miracle. When receiving a miracle, figure out why it happened. One of these reasons is that Source would like you to evolve (get out of the game).

Given these four ways to create, How are you creating your life, your reality, your future?

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