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Are you using communication for or against you?

Updated: May 31, 2020

Men have “man talk” and women have “girl talk.” Man talk is news, business, weather, and sports. They get straight to the point on a topic or their views. The other side of man talk is giving each other “Man shit”. In order to keep men in their “man group agreements”, they have to give “man shit” to each other. “Man shit” is when one or more men attack another man’s ego to make them feel “less manly”, forcing them to go back to the man group and do what the other men are doing. “Man group agreements” upholds the false responsibility beliefs for both (Wo)man. It is a tool to hold power/control over woman (why else would man need to group together and make man group agreements?).

“Girl talk” (interesting how it isn’t known as “woman talk”) is like being at a pajama party playing the truth game where every little subject is open for a complete analysis. Women will recount every single detail to you so you get the “full picture” and convince you along the way with their views because they are codependent on what you think of them and need you to be on “their side” of the story (and as stated before, woman are great manipulators).

Both man and woman believe “man talk” and “woman talk” are important actions that need to take place, but the reality is both “man talk” and “woman talk” are codependent actions that keep both genders binded to each other. Being bond to someone or a group of people, prevents any processing or evolution to take place, keeping you in The Game of Separation.

Now let’s look at what happens when woman and men try talking to each other. When a woman talks to a man, all they hear is “LALALALALALA”. Literally, he cannot hear what the other woman saying. The only words men will perk up to and listen is when a woman is say the words: sex, money, sports or food in a sentence. Women will listen to man’s every word, but they also want to get to the answer they want to hear. If they don’t hear the answer they want to hear, they will manipulate the conversation until they get what they want. By listening to every word, them can store the conversation to use it down the road.

Each gender uses “communication” as a tool against both genders. Men use it for control and women use it for manipulation. To control others, man will use the “challenge” approach. They will challenge men to battle and challenge women to back down. Both “challenge” approaches have agreements tied to them, whoever wins the battle signs the other’s agreement and whoever backs down (usually the woman), signs the agreement. Woman through “woman talk” are convincing the other women to be on their side and to agree with them. This actually ends up being a very messed up thing because there are a lot of woman out there that have BPD and/or heavy patterns (read patterns section for more details). Their reality isn’t tied to truth or God, it tied to their need to have their thoughts be truth. Think about that for little bit, their thoughts need to be true, not truth to be their thoughts. To manipulate other men, woman steer man down the path till they get what they want. What they want might not be what they need. Once again, they aren’t tied to truth, or God, they are tied to need of their thoughts needing to be the truth.

What if man and woman could hear each other and understood each other, and stopped use communication as a tool to control or manipulate? That would be pretty evolved. I always found it interesting when I hear “Well you know, Men are from Mars and Woman are from Venus”. Yes, it was a great starting point to say men and women are different, here is how they are different. The message after that was saying “deal with it”, men aren’t going to change, and woman aren’t going to change. Yes, they can, they can evolve. All these false beliefs women are so opposite from man, and you need to learn how to approach the other gender, so you can get what you want. That all keeps you in The Game of Separation, by convincing you that you are two beings that can never come together and neither one is going to evolve to understand the other. Using “communication” as a tool to manipulate or control others, that all keeps you in The Game of Separation.

What is Communication really mean to be used for? Why did God give us the ability to Communicate? Communication is really a tool to get you to where you need to go, Communication was given to humans to help process their process and fulfill their purpose. Could you imagine if humans had no way of communicating needs and/or purpose to other human? That is exactly what is going on now, woman and men are not really communicating their needs and/or purpose to each other, they approach conversations and/or communication with the sole purpose to either control or manipulate.

How does man and woman evolve out of this component of the game? Easy! First, and the most obvious step, stop using communication to control or manipulate. Men, you don’t need to challenge anyone, ever. Woman, stop feeling that you have no control or power in your words, you do. Once you realize that you do, you can stop manipulating your conversations. Once you stop communicating for the sole purpose of control and manipulation, you remove the co-dependence with each other. Start communication for what you need and your purpose. Let’s talk about what you need, and not what you think you want. There are a lot of woman out there that have BPD and/or heavy patterns (read patterns section for more details) and their reality isn’t tied to truth or God, it tied to their need to have their thoughts be the truth. Your reality needs to be tied to truth or God, there one in the same. There is only one truth and that is God’s truth. Finally, and the most important communication piece you will ever need, start talking to God. If the sole purpose of communication is to get what you need and fulfill your purpose, well you need some guidance from above, and the one and only can fill this need. Communicating and connecting with God will provide you a source of truth, purpose, guidance, and a path out. Because in the end, you go back to God, but if you’re stuck in The Game of Separation, you will continue to reincarnate and be controlled by who controls The Game of Separation. Why? Because they need slaves to fulfill their purpose and we can’t have evolved advanced humans that go back to God, they won’t have anyone to control.

To Evolve out: Stop being codependent with others, stop using communication as a manipulation or control tool. Talk with God to guide you and help you communicate what you need.

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