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Balance in your life, are you looking for it?

Updated: May 31, 2020

Men view the world through their own eyes and no one else’s. And because we live in the “Man’s world”, their willingness to understand anyone else’s view, or be balanced in their actions is close to non-existent. Women are the same with one caveat. The caveat is that women will keep score. They can tell you what their partner did five years, six months, two days, and four hours ago that made them upset; and they are going to tuck that away in their back pocket to throw back in their partner’s face when they feel they “need” to use it against them. Neither sex can truly see the world through the other’s eyes. Men want to control, and woman want to manipulate, which draws a line in the sand and it’s “me vs. you” mentality, and thus, the game begins. In a game, you need the following: players, game pieces (pawns, sticks, rackets, money), rules, boundaries (boards, arenas, courts, man-made world), sides (red team vs. the blue team, good vs. evil, man vs. woman) and purpose.

In the Game of Separation, you have the following:

Players: man, woman, controllers of the game

Boundaries: Worlds, dimensions, realms, universes, matrices, games, stories, pictures, realities, movies, lands, holes, all time, all space, no time, no space, nowhere, anywhere, and somewhere

Rules: The game is rigged. You lose.

Pieces: Veils, rules, agreements, worlds, control, manipulation, power, and separation

Sides: Controller and the Controlled, Man vs. Woman

Purpose: to separate everything from God and reverse the power of God to the controllers

Are men and women balanced? No, they are not. How could they when in The Game of Separation, the rules are “You Lose”, they are divided into sides and are forced to be a player in the game that is rigged against them? The main purpose is to separate everything from God, your ultimate balancer. Balance is defined as an even flow of or distribution to remain upright or steady. God is your balancer in every way. God gave you your identity and your bodies in a balanced manner. God’s will and purpose is balanced in every way. You are not in a game with God, there is no game or separation. It’s just you and God. Connected in every way and balanced in everything.

Getting back to man’s view and woman’s view, the controllers to The Game of Separation, are using the game pieces to remove the balance from all four of your main bodies and your connection to God. They gave man control and woman manipulation, which separated them even further and completely making the balance between male and female (and within themselves) very unbalanced (and to constantly battle one another). They took it further and placed sixteen veils over you (start here for more on the 16 veils), to separate you even further in The Game of Separation. Any chance they can continue the separation between you and God, and/or continue to keep the unbalance, they will try to complete.

How do you truly balance yourself internally and externally? First, you put down your game pieces, stop using control or manipulation against someone. Women, stop keeping score and stop holding onto the past - be in the the present moment. Men stop trying to control everything. Second, realize there are no sides, there is no man vs. woman, your both humans. When you reincarnated, most have been both genders, and just because in this life you’re a female, doesn’t mean you’ll be a female in the next life. Understand both sides to understand there isn’t man vs. woman, but human vs. controller. Third, get out of The Game of Separation. You do this by reconnecting to God, reconnecting your four main bodies in a balanced manner, reconnecting to your self-identity, reconnecting to your responsibilities, and reconnecting to truth, and purpose, the only things that can be provided to you by God. By reconnecting (and not separating yourself), you bring balance back into your life. Balance will help you process your process and start evolving you out of The Game of Separation.

How to Evolve: Blend the male and female views into one that can be seen by both sexes when appropriate; keep the views separate if needed. Reconnect, not separate, this is the true key to balance. Maintaining balance is an important tool to master, it helps you process your process and evolves you out of The Game of Separation.

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