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Do you know what your agreeing to?

Updated: May 31, 2020

We have lived in a “Man’s world” and all the agreements have been with men, every single one involves a man. They have gotten to control everything (money, business, family, government) and they make up all of the rules to the “Man’s world”. “Man’s world” with “Man’s rules”. They group together to create “man group agreements”, which provides power over Women. Don’t believe me? Look at all the business boards, top management and governments.

Women believe that they need to be like men in certain aspects of their lives, so they can simulate making “Man agreements” to “get somewhere in life” because deep down they believe it gives them action and power. But let’s be clear, even outside of The Game of Separation, the entire reality runs on agreements. The whole thing, you can make one agreement and turn that into 7.5 billion agreements by simple agreeing with humanity. And actually, a great example of this is, Quan Yin, she agreed to humanity that she wouldn’t leave this planet/reality until all humanity’s karma was paid off. Could you imagine being stuck on this planet until all humanity (which keeps growing and never ends) paid off their karma debt – you could never leave.

From the beginning, humans had very little agreements when they came into this reality. The original agreements were: Birth, Death, Gravity and Karma. These agreements provided a start, an end, a reality and balance. Then The Game of Separation was created, and layers and layers and layers of all different kind of agreements were piled on everything and anything. Making it harder and harder to get out.

Let’s take a look at the different kind of agreements that exist:

1. Vows: A solemn promise. It can be with yourselves or other humans. “I vow to be married to you” “I vow an oath of silence” “I vow my life to God”

2. Agreements: A binding arrangement. These can be with anyone and/or anything. They could be simple or complex. They can be new or old. They can be bleed through (passed down from someone else) or solely created by you. “I agree to stay home and take care of the kids” “I agree to donate 10% of my income” “I agree to let men rule the world”

3. Contracts: Binds Multiple Agreements. Like a legal contract. When you agree to work for a company, you are agreeing to all the multiple agreements they have in place, and all new agreements they create (check out your company policy, it is pages and pages of agreements). When you send your kid(s) to school, you are agreeing to the school’s and town’s multiple agreements they have in place, and any new agreements they created, that contains everything evolving “educating” your kid(s).

4. Covenants: Deeply binding set of agreements. It encompasses every aspect of your life. A baptism is a form of a covenant with the “Man-made god”, which you then uphold your deep binding agreement to the “Man-made god” by taking communion and following the set of agreements that your religion needs you to follow.

Just like karma, all types of agreements will stay with you from the day they are created. Your choices are cancel these agreements or continue to fulfill the agreement. Every time you come and reincarnate on this planet, all your vows, agreements, contracts and covenants carry over. You can only cancel the agreements where it was created, so if you did physically on this planet, you need to cancel them physically on this planet. If you made spiritual agreements, they need to be spiritually cancelled. Sounds easy, right? Just pull up all your agreements and cancel them. I wish it was that easy, but The Game of Separation does not make it easy because you need to know exactly what your cancelling, which means you need to know what exactly you agreed to. Don’t believe me? Before you use your phone, computer or browse a website – do you read their policy agreement and are you aware of what you agree to? Every time you buy something and sign your name or put in your debit code, do you understand what your agreeing too? I can probably safely say, no, you do not and boy is it a lot. For example, Apple’s policy for using their devices and/or services is pages and pages of agreements and you have no idea what you have accepted or signed. For all you know, you could be selling your soul every time you make a phone call. A more obvious and exposed example of this is Facebook selling all your personal data and identity – and I mean ALL of it. Oh, and by the way – you agreed to it, every time you sign onto Facebook and use their service, you agree for them to take your identity and sell it to someone else. And if you haven’t noticed yet, all the examples I just stated are all “Man-made agreements” in the “Man’s world”.

Man is the #1 culprit to get anyone or anything to agree with them. They aren’t just good at it, they excel at agreements. Why? Because they control everything in the “Man’s world” and therefore they get to create whatever agreements they want. To hold you in the “Man’s world”, they need to pile on a lot of agreements on you to keep you locked in their world. Trust me, a man will, in an instant, remind you of the agreements you made and need to uphold because you agreed to them.

Let’s look at the steps to get out of this component of The Game of Separation.

1. STOP agreeing to everything that comes your way. For the love of God, take a step back and realize everything you agree to. Seriously, take a day or two, write down everything you agreed to. You will be astonished at what you find and that is binding you because you agreed to via their agreements.

2. Remember, EVERYTHING is an agreement, so figure out what you agreed to and start canceling the ones you do not agree to. Work with God to understand what agreements you have made in this life and/or past lives, and then how to cancel them.

3. The process is like an onion, once you peel back one layer, a new layer will appear. Keep going, the amount of agreements that humans have agreed to are endless and only God can help you get out of them.

4. Be very very careful to what you agree to moving forward. Stop creating agreements and/or cancel all your agreements in the “Man’s world”. The “Man’s world” only benefits the beings that run/control the “Man’s world”, and it isn’t Men. The Man’s world is rigged to only benefit the “Controllers” of The Game of Separation.

Please note that you can cancel as many agreements as you would like, however, if you have karma with someone, you will need to pay your debt before you can exit. You cannot cancel karma, but you find other solutions. Read Decoding Karma by Alison Cherney to better understand your karma and what you can do about it.

How to Evolve: End all agreements with the “Man’s world”, make agreements only with God, or anyone God tells you to make agreements with; be very very careful about your agreements and what you agree to.

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