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Do you know who you really are?

Updated: May 31, 2020

Men identify themselves through their actions and work; women have no self-identity, they are “disappearing women.” Being told to believe their purpose is to serve everyone else and man, they disappear when they lose their own identity in the process. This leads to making it super easy to get woman to agree to the “Man’s World” and the ever-changing agreements in the “Man’s world”. Women believe they have “come so far” in the “Man’s world” because we can vote, divorce our partners, and even open bank accounts without a man’s permission, but have you ever stop and wondered why we even agreed to this in the first place?

Let’s take a deeper look at what a self-identity is and then what has happened to self-identities in The Game of Separation. A self-identity is the identity that God gave you and you agreed to. Some beings, who helped create the Game of Separation, are here to fix the mistakes they made in the Game (and also to get out of the Game of Separation). A self-identity is unique to each individual human or being, and consists of the following characteristics in each of the main four bodies:

1. Physical: DNA, Body Parts, and the physical make-up of your body expression.

2. Emotional: These would be emotional traits that are consistent in your body expression.

3. Mental: These would be your abilities, gifts, knowledge, and purpose.

4. Spiritual: These would be your life lessons and guidance from God.

Before we jumped into a physical body, God gave us an identity in a God body. Along the way, our God body got captured and divided into individual bodies. Our identities were divided as well. After our bodies were separated into individual bodies with very little connection to each other, another layer was created. Man was told to believe that only his actions and work would make up his identity, and women were told to believe that they are here to serve man, therefore there identity is what they are told their identity should be. They are told at a very young age who they are supposed to be (vs. allowing who they are to be discovered). Right from the first relationships they have with their parents, family, friends, and partners, they try to fit the mold of who they are supposed to be based off of any number of beliefs being attached to them: parents, families, societal, cultural, friends and men. The core of these beliefs are: trained to be dependent, raised to be protected, raised to be compliant, taught the illusion (or shown the reality of) inherent inferiority to men, and finally the most brutal believe is that woman are taught they are only “complete” when they have found their partner. You even see this in the bible – we apparently came from “Adam’s rib”. At the same time, men are told at a very young age that what they do makes up their identity. Growing up, their identity was based off the actions they did: Jock, Nerd, Musician, Gamer, etc. This continues through-out their whole lives: Lawyer, Fireman, Doctor, Musician, etc. Men are trained to be independent, raised to be “strong”, raised to be aggressive or competitive, and are also taught the illusion (or shown the reality of) inherent inferiority over women. Men are running around thinking their identity is what they do, and women are told what their identity is, making their real identity disappear.

What does one do to understand, reconnect and evolve their self-identity? First, truly understand what makes up your identity. Understand that God created your self-identity, not man and not anything in the “Man’s world”. Men, stop identifying with just your actions. Women, you have a self-identity, and it isn’t the one that everyone is telling you it needs to be. Understand that your identity is not a combination of other people, it is you and only you. Start identifying with all aspects of self and you do this by connect with God. This will connect (or reconnect) to you to your self-identity. Finally, do not let anyone steal or take your identity. It encompasses everything that God gave you and it is unique only to you. There a reason why people’s identities are on the black market and go for huge amounts of money – there the most valuable thing on this planet.

To Evolve out: God creates self-identify and only God. Figure out and connect to your real identify.

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