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Do you live to eat or eat to live?

Updated: May 31, 2020

Men like “man food” and women love “woman food”. You know what this is right! Women food always seems associated to dainty food and man food is always associated to large portions, usually involving a big piece of meat. In general, most humans in developed countries, eat to “forget” about their problems, entertain themselves, social eat and/or eat to “feel” good. They can come addicted to eating and/or play all different types of food games: religion, cultural, societal, groups, diets, chosen restrictions, fades, or moments. Have you seen how many “diets” they are out in the “Man’s world”? Which is counterproductive to what most humans believe a diet does; lose weight and inches off their body. It has been proven that when a human goes on a “diet”, which means I am changing what I am eating and the amount I am eating, the body goes into survival mode and starts storing everything it can because it does not know when it will go back to its memory of “normal” food intake, or what it used to eating. It takes a lifestyle change (permanent food decisions, perspective change, emotional balance and clearing of any food related karma), in order, for the bodies to adjust and get out of their food program(s). Even then, there still a lot of people who do not achieve their goals because their karma could last a couple of lifetimes, in order, to pay off their debt and remove them from that particular karma game (See Decoding Karma by Alison Cherney for what Karma games you might be in).

What do Men and Women like to eat and why? Men tend to eat meat and women restrict themselves to eating mostly plant-based food. Why? Because we have been programmed too. Men want to eat whatever men want to eat, they conquer their food (hence all the meat eating), just like when we were cavemen and the men went out and hunted for their food and brought it back to their tribe. Women are constantly restricting their food intake and what they eat because woman fear food. Why do women fear food? It is a very interesting concept when you really look at it. Woman fear food because they were told by men at a certain point in history that they needed their physical body to be skinny to be seen as “attractive” to men – if not, well then you were never going to marry, have kids and provide an heir for your husband. Mind you, females back in the day really did not have any freedom to live on their own: They couldn’t have a bank account, own their own homes, or hold any independent jobs. Women were dependent on a man, either by a partner or your father.

And what were women told growing up as little girls? The secret to a man’s heart was through his stomach, so women learned to cook so they could make a man happy. Food became a controlling mechanism over woman, and to this day, it still is. Women are constantly focused on what they are eating, how much they are eating and did they do enough in their day to “reward” themselves with food. Tons of woman still believe that they are responsible for feeding their partner and/or family daily, and agree to this belief without even thinking; Is this really 100% my responsibility? A lot of men still rely on their family cooking too, or food to be provided for them without even thinking that they should be responsible for any of the food they eat. On top of this, most men don’t even think twice about the calorie count in the food they are eating, nor do they restrict themselves from any food items unless their doctor is adamant about removing it from their food intake. Mind you that there are men out there that are paying karma debt and might be paying it back via food restrictions, addictions, or weird food habits. It is socially accepted that it is okay for a man to be very overweight, but a woman who might be a little overweight is not.

The truth is that food was originally meant (and should be) only to provide nutrition and light for the body. There should be no toxins, karma, patterns, programs, pesticides, nor preservatives in food. Why are these items found in food then? Simple and truthful answer is to control you. Food’s purpose morphed into: poisoning humans, making money off of humans, and to sexualize it. Have you noticed that everything I listed above is all man-made in the “Man’s world” using “Man money”? The evil side of the food you are currently eating is toxic in some form or fashion. Either you are doing this on a physical level or spiritual level. Don’t believe that there a spiritual level to food? Have you ever heard of the food expressions: Nothing like my grandma’s cooking, nothing come close to my grandma’s cooking, or I don’t know what grandma does but her food always taste amazing? Well what was grandma (or substitute anyone/cook that always cooked amazing food and you just never could compare with anything else) cooking with that just always made her food so much better than anyone else’s? You always heard the answer was Love. Last time I checked you couldn’t pick up a bottle of Love at the grocery store. So yes, there is a spiritual side to food and there is a way to program or place an intention in food (cooking with love) just like they have scientifically proven this with water (look up Emoto’s Water Experiment).

Let’s look at the negative spiritual side of food. Remember when I told you that men don’t process, they dumb their process onto woman and woman process everyone else’s process? Well, guess where the process can go – yup that is correct – into your food. On top of the obvious physical poisoning that could be (most likely) in your food: pesticides, metals, preservatives, GMOs, toxins, hormones, antibiotics, chemicals, any number of medicine prescription compounds (look up what is in your water supply), and/or feces. You have spiritual poisonings: other people’s karma, other people’s processes, agreements, other people’s emotions, other people’s thoughts, other people’s patterns, etc. The two prime examples of spiritual poisoning events are holiday meals and/or family meals.

1. Holiday Meals: Humans get so stressed out over holiday meals and dump this into the food they make. Think about all the weird agreements made during that meal.

2. Family meals: This could be very restricting, due to your religion, culture, societal status, and family. Maybe your mother dictates what everyone eats but you hate it. Maybe due to religious reasons, you only eat certain foods and during certain times of the day. You are agreeing to all this.

Even though this might be an overwhelming topic, it is quite simple to solve. Get back to the original purpose of food: provide nutrition and light for the body. Stop playing all the karma food games, stop having food control you, stop revolving your life around food, and neutralize the toxins in the food you eat before you eat it. A detox might be needed to remove all the built of food toxins your body has stored because it actually your body can’t process both physical and spiritual poisons. After a detox, you should evolve out of the food games and stop both physical and spiritual poisons from entering your bodies. Please note that while taking steps to evolve out of the food portion of the game, you still might have some serious karma with food. Please read Decoding Karma by Alison Cherney to check and understand what food karma you might be in.

To Evolve out: Understand what/how you are eating and get back to the sole purpose of eating food: provide nutrition and light to the body. Ask God to neutralize the toxins in your food before you eat it.

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