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Is sleep is killing you? Déjà vu & Dreams

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Sleep is comprised of a number of stages that include dreaming and non-dreaming states. The purpose of sleep should be renewal, yet this rarely occurs. The reason for this is that when our awareness leaves our physical body, we can be attacked relentless in our sleep until we learn how to protect ourselves.

In this Game of Separation, the only real asset we all possess is lifeforce. This “spark of life” is from Source and every person is either giving it away, collecting more of it or staying at the same amount of it at any given moment.

Our reality or experience is broken up into six pieces or sides – much like you think of a box. It takes six sides to create a third dimensional object. The six pieces of our reality are made up of our: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies (See Body Blog), this side and the other side. When we sleep, we journey to the other side and have experiences that are recorded as dreams.

Dreams often confound people because they can be disjointed and confusing. Some people remember their dreams and others do not. Remembering dreams requires intention and practice. Before you go to bed at night, you can state that you would like to remember your dreams. When you begin to awaken and climb from your unconscious back to your conscious awareness, this is the best time to recall a dream. You can write it down and then spend a few minutes analyzing its meaning.

There is a plethora of dream books that try to give you the meaning of dream symbols. The problem is that we each have different dream symbols. For example, a snake in a dream can be a friendly totem to one person or a source of intense fear for another. For a third person, a snake might mean that their kundalini energy has been awakened. The answer is thus, you have to figure out what particular dream symbols mean for you and this takes both awareness and practice. One way to start is by asking Source to “download” your particular dream symbols and make it obvious to you what they mean.

Another relatively easy place to start is recognizing the type of dream that you are having.

There are four different types of dreams which are:

Process Dreams: These are the most common types of dreams. In a process dream, you are mulling over daily events or other aspects of your life and pondering the thoughts, emotions and meaning of your own process. We really do work in our sleep. While in college, I can remember working on complex Calculus problems late at night, falling asleep without an answer, then awakening with the answer to the problem. In the process dream, other aspects of my consciousness were solving my problem for me. We don’t gain or lose lifeforce in a process dream, they are primarily a means of learning about ourselves so that we can clear our own deck and move onto our next experience.

Attack Dreams: These are the tough dreams where we are at risk for losing lifeforce (or "The Spark of Life"). In the dream world, we are attacked via an argument, a battle or through any form of sex. Yes, sex is merely a lure in the dreamtime to get you to give up your lifeforce. The illusion is that you are beautiful, popular or sexy and the punishment is stealing your lifeforce.

The second way we are attacked in dreams is that we make agreements in our sleep. For example, a person shows up in your dream and gives you a shiny gift. You accept it yet you have no idea what it really is or what agreements are attached to this supposed “gift.”

Learning how to protect yourself during an attack dream takes practice. It requires you to be aware of your dreams, what is occurring and to move your awareness into the core of the dream and take action. Two hints to follow are to either: 1. Turn on the light in your dream or 2. Ask Source to protect you during the dream process. Perhaps you have had the experience where you wake up during a major attack dream. You can be assured that it was some aspect or you fighting on your behalf to protect your lifeforce in the dream.

The best thing to do to protect your lifeforce is to ask for protection during your sleep time every night before you go to bed, then when you awaken, ask to erase any agreements you made during your sleep and return any lifeforce that may have been stolen.

Empowerment Dreams: A relatively unknown type of dream is an empowerment dream. These dreams are gifts from Source that provide us with something positive so that we might have an easier time here. One method that they use to convey these gifts is via acronyms. For example, you may hear a particular word over and over in your dreams. Write it down and then ask what each letter of the word means. If you can figure it out, then you can ask Source to anchor the empowerment in your life.

Prophetic Dreams: Prophetic dreams are the rarest types of dreams. A prophetic dream is a heads up that an event or situation is going to arise. Sometimes it is a pleasant one and sometimes it is not. A true prophetic dream comes from Source to prepare the individual for a future event that will occur. While no one’s future is set in stone, Source is giving you information that will occur based upon the probabilities in your life. This dream will seem very real and it will be very specific. When it comes true in your reality, it will generally blow your mind because of how it lays out. One of the more interesting prophetic dreams I had came years after I had been practicing dream recollection and interpretation. I dreamed that my first grandchild would be a dark-haired boy whom I saw riding an old fashion red firetruck. While at a swap meet years later, I walked down an aisle and saw the exact firetruck that was in my dream. I was floored. I bought the firetruck that was obviously meant for my grandson and knew that this particular fire truck was a gift specifically designed for him from Source.

Déjà vu experiences can be initiated in dreams or not in dreams. A Déjà vu experience is the feeling that one has been in a particular place, time or situation before. Many believe that these are past life memories however, that isn’t the case. These experiences are signs that you are on the right path. They come from the more aware part of yourself to let you know that you are where you need to be.

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