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Man's World = Man's Business

Updated: May 31, 2020

Man’s World, Man’s Rules and Man’s Agreements. You’re just living in it and agreeing to everything the “Man’s world” directs you to agree to. This component of the game is probably the most obvious, or most exposed piece to the game, but even being the most obvious, doesn’t mean that there been any evolution out of it.

At the time I write this, of the Fortune 500 Companies, only 5% are run by women CEOs, there more companies run by men named “John” or “David”, then there are women CEOs. And were not reversing this number either, there are more Fortune 500 companies with all male board members then there was in 2015. And trust me, most them only have maybe one or two females, tops, on their board. So, we know there something going on, it’s obvious, but we seem to be going deeper into the game. Why? Because if you are in the “Man’s world” and you are not a controller of game, then you are on the receiving end of the game. It is obvious, why would someone or something give up control to someone else? There not, and they are going to keep passing the torch onto the next controller when they are done.

What is the main game piece they have to control you in the “Man’s world” – you should know this! Man-made money and man-made agreements. Everything in the “Man’s world” revolves around money and agreements. And man-made money is an interesting agreement tool. Humans will do just about anything for money and why? There isn’t any value behind man-made money, humanity just agrees that there is. The next section on Finance will explain in more detail of man-made money. So, let’s get back to business, all business in the “Man’s world” is done via “Man Agreements”. I agree to do this and you agree to do that. I agree to pay you this for that service. I agree to a 9 to 5 job where I drive an hour each way for this pay and this benefit, and to work for the man in the “Man’s world”. See how quickly agreements can be created? Man creates and controls all the agreements in the “Man’s world”, hence why there are more men named “John” then women CEOs at the Fortune 500, and why there very few women on boards of companies. The men grouped together and agreed that, in order to control the “Man’s world”, you need to control women, and you can’t have any women in powerful business position voting against the “Man’s World”. At the same time, women agree to these binding arrangements. Let me remind you, that “not agreeing”, you’re still agreeing to something. By saying “I don’t care either way – I don’t work for that company”, you are still agreeing to the binding arrangement that man has put forth into the “Man’s world”.

So how do we get out of this “Man’s world” and “Man’s agreements”?

First, as stated in the last section, you start ending all your agreements in the “Man’s world”. Remember, our entire reality runs off of agreements, and they need you to agree to it. Second, hold man responsible for their words, actions and thoughts, and what I like to call “shove truth in their face”. Have them be aware that you do not agree to their world nor their agreements. Third, connect with God and ask to be in God’s world. God doesn’t hold false money over your head or try to get you to agree to something that isn’t part of your path. God would like for you to return back to God when this lifetime comes to a close. This means no more re-incarnation, no more traps, no more games. Your purpose is not to be trapped anywhere, your purpose is to experience and learn what it is like to be in a 3rd dimension with your self-identity navigating you down your path and being connected to God along the way. There should be no “Man’s world” or “Woman’s world”, this implies one has a dominant domain in that world. There should be God’s World, a space that is not dominated or controlled by anybody, and a space where you can learn and co-create with God.

When you get out of the game and can co-create with God, miracles happen, daily. The Game of Separation has you convinced otherwise. The beliefs around miracles is astonishing and very far from the truth. I have heard just about every false belief on miracles: Miracles are only for those who deserve them, miracles can only happen every once in a while, miracles are for life changing events, miracles don’t exist, miracles are limited, miracles are only for religious people, I asked for a miracle and it didn’t work, only people who need miracles should get them, and my all-time favorite is, miracles are just man-made to make you believe you can wish for anything. A miracle is NOT a wish. A wish is a man-made term that keeps you wishing for something you’re never going to get. A miracle is something you ask God for (and only God), like really sit down and have a conversation with God and ask him for something that you deem “highly improbable” because that is what a miracle is, something that is highly improbable or extraordinary. God grants and makes miracles happen all the time. The key is, when you ask for a miracle, you cannot assume the outcome of what it will look like. God delivers his/her miracles the way God can and will. God sees all, you see you. God might have other plans for you or showing you a different path to that miracle. You might not be ready for that miracle right this minute (or even this year), you might need to process or clear out of something before God can give you the miracle. I can tell you when you do receive a miracle, it is the most amazing thing, it is like nothing you every experienced before. You truly feel the power of God when you experience a miracle.

How to Evolve: Bring back wisdom and miracles from God; make it God’s World

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