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Miracles – are you really ready to receive them?

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Probably the biggest lie we are told is that it is better to give than to receive. The truth is that giving puts us into karma and then we have to wait to receive what we gave whether it is in this life or another one. Certainly, if you are compelled to give somebody something or pay for something, you may in fact owe that person or groups of people (such as a charity) money or another karmic commodity.

Our job here is to learn. It is the reason we came here. The second reason we came here is to learn how to co-create with Source. Exactly how does one do that when one can’t hear them? The first part of this answer is to ask a lot of questions and then pay attention to signs/answers.


Signs come in many different shapes and sizes. When you ask a question, you are actually going to get an answer. It may just not come in the form that you expect it. For example, you may have a random person show up in your life and give you an answer, you turn on the television and an actor answers your question, you are driving down the freeway and a billboard has a particular answer just for you. You have to pay attention and when you do, you will get the answer. If you ask, you will get an answer. Period. Everybody gets answers, they just don’t connect the dots that these answers are tied to the questions that they constantly ask.


The second half of this answer is to get an attunement so you can hear Source. One aspect of your spiritual body (see Body Blog) is comprised of a Higher Self. Your higher self is actually a telephone line to different sources. The Higher Self can be attuned to hear Source; it is a process where you essentially tune into the frequency of Source, much like tuning into a particular radio station. Once an attunement is performed, you have to learn the difference between your thoughts and those of Source. I generally think of in various ways. The first is that I am for example very hungry and I am thinking about food and some odd thought comes into my head. The second way I know it is Source is that I feel an intense, deep and loving emotional energy. The third way that I know it is them is that they set up a pinging system – if I don’t pay attention, they will ping one of my fingers to get my attention.

Some people are naturally attuned to Source. These folks are not in the “False Connection Veil.” (See The Game of Separation Blog Part 1). In the past, these people were called prophets. The reality is that anybody can have an attunement if it is agreeable with Source. So as with everything else, you would have to ask them and then make a covenant with them to make it occur.

Miracles – How Source Answers You

A miracle is a form of co-creation with Source. It is an answer in physical form that is beyond usually, anything you can imagine. In order to receive a miracle however, you have to be ready. You literally have to be ready to receive something beyond your imagination. If you are for example, a very controlling person, this may be very difficult for you to receive. After all, when we are giving, we are in control and when we receive, we have to be open to it.

Before I was attuned to Source, one of the first miracles I received was an unscheduled airplane that happened to have two extra seats on it. My husband and I had gone to Australia and were due back in the states for work. We were flying into Rock Hampton to catch a flight from Sidney to the U.S. We were traveling with my four-year old daughter. Our small plane into Sidney arrived on time however, we learned upon landing that a lightening storm had blown out one of the runways and our flight out of Rock Hampton was cancelled and there were no flights for days. The airline personnel told us that there was no way we could get out of Rock Hampton so we should go into town and they would call us in the next couple of days when a flight was available.

While my husband was attempting to negotiate a way out of this small town, I sat down on the floor of the airport and refused to go to town. I asked for a way out of this airport so that I could return to work on time. I asked multiple times. Several hours went by when my husband came to me and said, you aren’t going to believe this, a plane ran out of fuel in the area and they needed to make an unscheduled landing into Rock Hampton on their way to Sidney. They just happened to have two seats and the airline attendants were happy to let my daughter sit on my lap for the trip. We boarded the flight which was full of rugby players who cheered us coming onto the plane as they had heard the story of a couple with a small child in the airport.

My second experience of a miracle was that of my husband being completely cured of his sleep apnea. We had the blessing of working with a spiritual woman who sat him down for less than five minutes, diagnosed the reason he had this problem (it was a weird agreement with his mother); she cancelled it and within a week, he was permanently cured. Coincidences? No, these were miracles – both beyond anything either my husband nor I could imagine. Our lives have been full of miracles and in fact, my husband has seen more miracles than any man on Earth. What is he learning? How to hear, follow and respect Source. It is actually one of the reasons that he is here – to set a path for other men to follow.

So, are you ready? Are you really ready? If you are, it may be time to strap in and receive some wild new things!

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