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Money, Money, Money

Updated: May 31, 2020

It’s all man-made money. It isn’t even gold backed anymore. In the United States of America, we don’t even have silver certificates; we have Federal Reserve Notes, which are debt notes. Governments and banks “borrow” money from the federal reserve (who are the only ones that have control of creating these “debt notes”) and are now are stuck in debt with interest that they will never be able to pay. Man decided to make it complicated so people couldn’t see what was really going on with the man-made money and found interesting ways to take the money you slaved after: insurance, stock market, money markets, retirement plans, taxes, loans, credit cards, gambling, etc. The illusion is that you can’t live without man-made money, which is just a game to trap you in every way (slave to your job, 2nd mortgage, credit scores, retirement plans, insurance), has held back majority of human evolution on this planet. Before 1850, everything was either “real money” which could be brought to anyone or bank for exchange of gold/silver, or there was just exchange of goods (barter and trade).

In the United States, the “Federal Reserve” controls the creation of the United States’ dollar (or should I say debt). The Federal Reserve (right now at the moment I am writing this) is a PRIVATELY OWNED BANK. The United States Government has no control over the Federal Reserve. What does the Federal Reserve exactly do? It controls the supply and demand of debt notes or “man-made money” that goes out to the “Man’s world”. Back in the day, before 1913, the United States dollar was not a debt note, it was a silver certificate that a US citizen could bring to a bank and have it exchanged for precious metals (i.e. Gold or Silver). The United States Congress had control of issuing money for the nation. It switched over to a debt note in 1913 with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act (ironically days after the Titanic sank) which basically removed any exchange of a note for a precious metal and that congress had no control of issuing money for the nation anymore. The silver certificate that congress could issue became a debt note from the federal reserve that is control by very wealthy families. Congress has to go to these families that own the private banks that own the federal reserve and ask to “borrow” money, for which you pay interest. The scam is that this system keeps our nation and everyone in it in perpetual debt, you can’t make enough to every pay the debt. Why? Simple, you’re going to the only person who can create money and borrowing it, and you are only allowed to borrow it with interest. The cycles get deeper and deeper every time.

Why do you think you pay federal taxes – most of it goes back to paying back the federal reserve when the government borrowed from it, however, it is never enough to pay back in full. They removed all other “money” options in the “Man’s World”. You could go back to barter and trade, before “man-made money” even existed, but they have you wrap up in the “Man’s world” and made you agree to the “man-made money”. This is why cryptocurrency or digital currency took off. It removed the banks and all the big players that controlled man-made money. But just like any other means of money, the controllers of the “Man’s world” quickly started to take control of the new money method. Let’s look at the world before man-made money existed, and see what wealth and abundance really was. Before money, wealth was any asset you owned (your home mostly), any value you could provide to someone in exchange for value back, and anything you could grow/nurture to barter or trade with other people. There was an “even trade” and a balance between humans. What did man do? They started to go out and “conquer” other people’s assets and values. Taking over their assets and enslaving their values. Convincing them through either force or illusion of agreements that what yours is mine, and what is mine is mine. Then using other people’s assets and value, building up their own empires to be a controller in The Game of Separation. Remember just a very few lines ago, I mentioned the Federal Reserve and how is owned/controlled by a few wealthy families, same game, different time.

So, how do we evolve out of this component of the game. First you need to get out of the mindset that you are reliant and enslaved to “man-made money”, because you’re not. You also need to take a deep look at your “money” beliefs because there are tons (I mean thousands) of false believes about wealth and abundance. When I started looking at my own false believes around wealth (and man-made money), it just poured out. I had discovered hundreds of false believes that I had to remove from myself and my bodies. Then I started asking “Why do I have these false beliefs in the first place?” I had all these false beliefs because I was living in the “Man’s world” and man rules the “Man’s world”. If humans woke up tomorrow and realized there was no value in “man-made money” and removed themselves from agreements in the “Man’s world”, this world would crumble. Don’t believe me? What would happen if the federal Reserve was eliminated (including all the debt we owed it) and a new government reserve was put in place where Congress could issue money to its nation when needed and didn’t have any debt to pay off to a rigged system and people started creating their own wealth with God? It would be a different reality. Realize that God has true wealth and abundance, so when you follow your path and evolve out of the game, God provides you with what you need. Just like the Business section before this one, look at all your agreements you have with “money”. Clear and end them, move on and evolve out; don’t look back and don’t agree to anything unless it’s God’s will too.

How to Evolve: God’s Wealth and Abundance

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