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Patterns: what are they and how to get out of them

Updated: May 31, 2020

Patterns are programs that effect, control and/or manipulate the four main bodies of a human. All patterns are derived from “FEAR” which is defined as False Evidence Appearing Real. Man’s primary pattern is OCD, or Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Woman’s primary pattern is BPD, or Borderline Personality Disorder. Both patterns effect all four bodies and causes them to be either unbalanced (OCD), or extreme (BPD).

Physical Body

OCD is about creating order and control, the need to control the environment around them and the items in that environment.

BPD, it about 100% codependence with the environment around them and all items in that environment.

Emotional Body

OCD is triggered by FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real), output emotions can consist of: anxiety, anger, stress, depression, frustration, doubt and impatience.

BPD, it is also triggered by FEAR, but the output feelings consist of: stubborn, arrogant, jealous, greedy, lazy, stressed, and careless.

Mental Body

OCD is about controlling the reality around them. The need for order and the idea of losing control of their reality (and everything in it) creates the lack faith, trust, and confidence.

BPD, there is a huge lack of maturity and a “victim” mentality. Most BPD will create their own “reality” and will then maintain this “reality” with whatever they can. Back to the wanting their thoughts to be the truth (vs. the truth being their thoughts). They will literally put themselves in a situation or make things up to maintain their “reality”.

Spiritual Body

OCD people are not spiritually connected because they don’t see the value (or being able to control) their spiritual self. Spiritually is about trust, and faith in God to provide what is needed.

BPD people aren’t connected to their spiritual self because being spiritually connected would make them take ownership and responsibility for their actions, words and emotions. They would have to stop being the “victim”, which allows them to avoid truth and responsibility.

Both OCD and BPD are the primary patterns for men and woman because they hold all patterns within it that exist today. All patterns stem from FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real.

The following are some examples of patterns and what FEAR they stem from.

Greed = Fear of not having enough

Self-deprecating: Fear of not succeeding

Arrogance: Fear of being judged

Self-destruction: Fear of losing control

Martyrdom: Fear of being a victim

Impatience = Fear of missing out

Stubbornness = Fear of change

Codependence = Fear of being alone

How does one clear themselves of their patterns? First, one needs to know what patterns they are in. This can be really challenging because you’re the one in the pattern. I recommend looking at your fears first: what are you afraid of? Second, the whole reality exists because there are agreements in place that says this reality exists. Once you figure out what patterns you are in, you can pull and cancels the agreements to these patterns. If you are still struggling with what pattern(s) you might be in, simple, connect and ask God. Ask God for help figure out which ones you are in and what is needed to clear out of them. There might be a life lesson that needs to be learned, it might be a bleed through pattern from a family member, or it could simple have multiple layers that are tied to your beliefs that need to be cleared. Clearing the agreements is just half the equation, you have to acknowledge the pattern(s) you are in, clear the agreements to the pattern(s), and then take responsibility to not have the pattern come back. If you clear out of a pattern by ending the agreements but take no responsibility, the pattern can (and probably will come back). If you are being lazy about patterns, there are new agreement with your name on it. The controllers of the Game of Separation want you in as many (or all) the patterns and have every corner covered to try and put you back in them.

Another important concept of patterns is that patterns are not part of your self-identity. To say to someone that they are “OCD” is not who they are. FEAR keep you from understanding your self-identity by convincing you that false evidence is real and the self-identity God gave you isn’t. The more FEAR they can get you to agree too and have you in, the better they control you.

How do they get you to agree to these patterns? Nowadays, it is pretty easy, they just get you to live in FEAR. What is running 24/7 in the news, in the newspapers, and on social media? These tools get you to be in constant fear (or put you in fear) and have you either continue to agree to the pattern or create it. How many of you are on a social media platform because you fear your “missing out” on people’s lives? Which by the way, also gets you to be codependent with everyone and what they are doing. If you are in constant fear and/or codependence, you are not going to take any action to truly connect with God, trust and have faith in God, nor get out of the Game of Separation. FEAR is just False evidence, it isn’t even real, it just appears real (or in other words, is an illusion).

If you have recognized and acknowledge that you are in the primary pattern of OCD or BPD, congratulations, very few humans have every recognized this. Most of the time, a family member, a partner or a friend have had to communicate to the person that they are OCD or BPD. Even then, most do not believe they need help. If you have identified you have an OCD or BPD pattern, you do have some work ahead of you to remove yourself from these primary patterns. In The Game of Separation Blog Part 1, you will see that “Patterns” is a veil. What this means is that there is “something” in your way that is preventing you from seeing the truth. This Pattern veil is just one of sixteen veils that is separating you from the truth. The main tool I can give here is connect and talk with God, understand God’s truth and ask for help. With God’s truth, power, and purpose, he/she can help you get out of The Game of Separation, and the veils that separate you. By evolving out of this veil, you can truly figure out who you. Understanding your self-identity opens the door to understanding your purpose and what you need to accomplish before returning to God.

To Evolve out: Clear all of your patterns and operate outside this veil.

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