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PEMS: Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual Bodies

Updated: May 31, 2020

All humans have four main bodies; Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. These four bodies are currently all “separated” from each other, and some humans are disconnected to any of the four main bodies. As mentioned before, most men are disconnected (or barely connected to) their spiritual, mental and emotional bodies because they only want to work with their physical body. Woman are overly connected to their mental and emotional bodies because they are trying to process for others and causes their mental and emotional bodies to go into overdrive, as their own bodies, cannot process someone else’s process. Some women are overly connected to their spiritual body, as well, this is due to trying to fix everything/everyone around them. Other women are not connected at all because they have heavy patterns on them and being connected to their spiritual body would make them take responsibility for their action, thoughts and words (more details on this in the Pattern Section).

The male physical body has a different architecture than the female physical body. Men tend to not be connected to all their bodies (like babies), where women spend most of their time finding fault with their bodies. A fat man may think he looks great where a woman who is five pounds overweight sees herself as obese. Women tend to be overly connected to their emotional bodies where men are generally not connected at all (“men feel fine and women feel everything.”) For the mental body, men can focus their mental bodies on one thing at a time (go into the box), and women are multi-focused, dividing their focus into multiple areas. Men can “shut” their brains off and zone out, while women can’t only just shut their brain off, but have a running checklist in their head at all times. Women tend to be more connected to their spiritual bodies as they are built for creation, and receiving, and men believe they don’t find value connecting to their spiritual bodies. Men only want physical action (with the lease amount of mental processing) which takes place in the physical body. There is a reason why Men choose not to really connect to their mental, emotional and spiritual, and women are usually over-connected to their bodies. Men choose to throw their process onto a woman because we live in the “Man’s world” and men created the rules, and are masters at agreements in the “Man’s world” (how could you not be when you are in control?) And to process your process you need to be connected to all bodies and in present moment. Believing they can process for others, women overly connect to their mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, but do not actually process anything (or very little). Leads to both man and woman to be unbalanced in every way with their bodies.

Let take a quick glance at what are the four main bodies:

Physical Body - to experience the physical aspects of this third dimensional universe by taking action and “walking the walk”.

Emotional Body – to experience the flow of life in the third dimension through a continuous flow of emotions whether they be positive, negative or neutral.

Mental Body – to learn to focus thoughts as all thoughts will eventually manifest in our reality.

Spiritual Body – to become free from The Game of Separation and learn how to co-create with Source.

Your four main bodies are all “separated” from each other, and depending on what gender you are, there is very little connection between the bodies. Originally, that wasn’t the situation. They was only one body ”, that encompassed these four main bodies. Hence why your spiritual body was originally connected to God and not a soul. By being in a one Body, you had perfect balance and harmony between all bodies. Each body was able to fulfill their purpose and be connected to God for guidance. Now because you are in The Game of Separation, most likely, you are not connected to God and your bodies are separated.

In order to get out of this component of The Game of Separation, connect to God. This could look like any number of ways: prayer, meditation, or simple asking to be connected and start listening to what you hear. Most likely you will hear the “Man-made god” first, but keep asking “Are you the One and Only True God, Male Female Unified Infinite Eternal”? You’ll get your answer and then you will start to feel when you are talking to God and when you are not talking to God. Second, reconnect to all four of your bodies in a balanced manner, which means if you are not connected or overly connected to your bodies, connect and balance. Finally, when you do achieve balance and connection, ask God to work with you co-create your original body you had. By being in your original body, you are always connected to God, you are balanced and have a constant flow. This is key to getting out of The Game of Separation because your removing the separation: both between your bodies and the separation of your bodies to God.

How to Evolve: Connect to all four of the main bodies, blend the bodies in a balanced manor, and recreate your God Body.

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