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Updated: May 31, 2020

Men have no respect for women, they generally have sex with them as a method to dump their process on them and/or abuse their creative abilities to control the “Man’s world” (which controls women). That’s about it, other than sex and controlling the “Man’s world”, men don’t believe they really need anything else. At the same time, women don’t honor men. They throw them under the bus over the smallest incidences. Women remember everything and keep score, and the only reason to keep score is to use it down the road. Thus, the battle between the two never ends because they don’t respect and/or honor one another.

How could one respect the other gender if they don’t respect themselves? By not respecting yourself, you cannot move down the path to take responsibility for yourself, which starts to get you out of the different components of The Game of Separation (i.e. you stop using communication as a tool to manipulate or control, you are perfectly connect to all four of your bodies to process, etc.) The goal of getting to co-creation with God to fulfill your purpose and to return to God cannot be achieved because one must respect and honor God, in order to co-create with God. If you can’t respect and honor yourself internally, you can’t do it externally.

What exactly is respect and honor? Respect is acknowledgement that the person or being is equal to you. The only reason why one would desire to control or manipulate someone else (or a situation) is because they believe that they superior and/or right. When you respect someone, you do not try to manipulate or control them because you acknowledge that the person is equal to you.

Can you think of any way The Game of Separation removes your ability to “respect”? There are millions and millions of ways The Game of Separation does this task well. Men alone don’t respect women, which right now as I write this, represents a little over half the world’s population. Men believe they are superior to woman in every way which is funny because it is women who are running around acting like Wonder Woman. When woman figure out the truth that men only want sex, and to steal their creative abilities and/or lifeforce to power their “Man’s World”. Wow! Get out of the way. The main purpose of removing man’s and woman’s ability to respect one another, and therefore, not be able to respect God, is to keep you in The Game of Separation. What if the entire world population trusted and had faith in God to provide everything they needed and helped them fulfill their purpose? There would be no “Man’s World” and more importantly, there would be no “Game of Separation”. There would be no power or control or manipulation. There would just be humanity working towards their own purposes, co-existing with each other, processing their process and then return back to God. The ones controlling The Game of Separation would have to do the same thing, process their process (oh and trust me they have eons to process), and return to God for eternity.

How does one evolve out of this component of the game? First, start understanding what Respect means, acknowledge the areas (and the people) in your life that you are not honoring. Second, start respecting yourself and who you are, when you can internally achieve this, you can move to externally accomplish this. Finally, the most important piece to be able to evolve is: Respect, Trust, Honor and have Faith in God. Every situation and person in your life is there to show you something or teach your something. Stop thinking you’re a victim in every situation, start respecting yourself, take responsibility, and have faith that God is showing you the path out of the The Game of Separation. God, wants you to return to God for he/she respects you and honors you. God believes in you, and trust that you are going to fulfill your purpose, learn your life lesson(s) and process your process.

The Game of Separation is just that, separation from whom you should be connected to always (and should return to). To reconnect with God and to trust God, is removing a huge piece to The Game of Separation because you are ending the main tool to the game – Separation. Once you get out of The Game of Separation, you begin the journey of co-creating with God. Each being’s co-creation with God is unique to them. God, cannot and will not co-create with you until you are out of The Game of Separation. Lesson learned by God and all of God’s Creations: God’s creation and co-creation all ended up being used, abused and tortured. The power in co-creation with God was removed and placed in the “Man-made god”, fueling The Game of Separation from the beginning. Just because God waits for you to get out of The Game of Separation, he/she can show you the path out and help you out every step of the way.

To Evolve out: Respect, Trust, Honor and have Faith in yourself, others and God.

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