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The Bodies, Body Parts & Functions (Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual)

Unbeknownst to most of us, we don’t just have one body, we generally have four of them. The purpose of this blog is to provide a complete listing all of each of the four major bodies.

The first bodies that entered this third dimensional world were ethereal in nature. They were more like a floating gaseous form – just more or less a little bit of matter. These were the first bodies in Atlantis and other ancient civilizations. For example, an ethereal body could conceive of tasting something, they just could not actually do it. As time progressed, the bodies became denser as more matter was added to them. Apparently, it took two tries to get the first physical bodies to work and it was on the third try that it worked. Hence the expression, “The third time is the charm.”

In order to experience the senses fully and have the ability to create in this third dimension, it required four basic bodies to function. These four bodies are the: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. The physical body is the one we are aware of every day. Sitting outside of the physical body is the emotional body which completely surrounds the physical body. Surrounding the emotional body is the mental body. The mental body however starts at our waist/mid-section and goes up over our head. Surrounding the mental body and emotional body (from the waist down) is the spiritual body.

The purpose of each of these bodies is:

Physical Body - to experience the physical aspects of this third dimensional universe by taking action and “walking the walk”

Emotional Body – to experience the flow of life in the third dimension through a continuous flow of emotions whether they be positive, negative or neutral

Mental Body – to learn to focus thoughts as all thoughts will eventually manifest in our reality

Spiritual Body – to become free from The Game of Separation and learn how to co-create with Source

Physical Body Parts & Purposes

The physical body is organized into various systems that have a greater purpose than what we view physically. Our bodies are essentially a series of programs, much like those that exist in our computers. The following is a list of the physical body systems and their purposes.

Ok, so what does this mean? It means that our physical body is basically an analogy. When it was designed, the body angels thought, what does one really need here? And this is what they came up with. From a more practical perspective, let’s say you have a problem with your muscle. Well, it isn’t a problem with the muscle per se, it is a problem with a painful memory! Let’s say that you have a problem with your kidney, well, it’s really just a problem with not being able to process your emotions or thoughts on some level.

Emotional Body Parts & Purposes

The emotional body has the least number of parts; however, it can certain overwhelm you.

The parts and their purposes are:

Mental Body Parts & Purposes

The mental body and its parts are:

Spiritual Body Parts & Purposes

The spiritual body and its parts are:

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