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The Game of Separation (Part 1)

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

Original Formation

Long ago, Source decided to separate from him/herself so that (we will use "he" in accordance with old style English) he could experience what it was like to not be whole and to learn. Source called this idea The Game of Separation. This game was conceived in the ‘mind of Source’ where the essences of Source were created. Each of these essences represented an aspect of Source that could be experienced as a learning lesson.

These essences were then formed into ethereal aspects and each essence had its own consciousness and lifeforce (The Spark of Life) so that it could function separately from Source. Source experimented for some time with each essence and the combinations of essences to make sure that an interesting and challenging Game of Separation could be created.

The next step was to bring the Game of Separation into form. Source first brought the essences together in what he calls his “Eye.’ The essences agreed to play out various parts in The Game that coincided with these essence talents, like peace, and the first universe was formed with elements of peace and many other essences. These agreements by the essences formed the basis of duality. Duality means that we operate in a range of experiences. For example, good and evil, peace and unrest. There is a range of good and evil that plays out in different gradients. We have light and dark which also plays out in various gradients of gray. We have male and female parts of ourselves; the male part is action and the female part is receiving and creating; these also play out in gradients for different expressions. The essences were brought into physical form first via a light body, or more ethereal form, then they became denser over time into a full material form.

The Veils

The next step was to create the veils of separation which are a major part of The Game. These veils were created to block a being’s vision from itself as being a part of Source, so that only separation could be experienced. At first, there were only four veils of separation; these eventually grew to 16. The following are the 16 veils and their purposes:

There are four sets (a foundation) of four veils that comprise the “Game of Separation.” Some people are in all of the veils and others are just in selected veils. Everyone is in the karma veil; even if they are out, they need to stay out of it by not creating any new karma.

The following are the 16 veils:

1. Separation from Truth: People in this veil cannot hear the truth.

2. False Connection: People in this veil are not connected to Source.

3. Black Magic: This veil is comprised by a plethora of black magic types. The lesson in this veil is to either be at the effect of black magic or learn about how to practice it.

4. Cloak of Protection: This veil prevents people from protection from Source.

5. Aging Veil: Agreements in this veil cause aging.

6. Man Veil: This veil keeps both men and women in the “Man’s World.”

7. Time Veil: Time is a fundamental part of this illusion; we perceive time as the past, present or future so that we can make sense out of the plethora of information, energy and experiences coming our way.

8. Machine Veil: In this veil, people are at the effect of machines (think telephones for example) that control their life.

9. Energy Veil: This veil can significantly limit the amount of energy that people have in their life.

10. Food Veil: In this veil, people are at the effect from the food that they eat; and no, food doesn’t work the same in everyone.

11. Light Veil: Light is data; in this veil, people don’t get clear information from The Source.

12. Water Veil: We are comprised of a lot of water; inside this veil, water is not a form of purification, in this veil, water is a form of poison.

13. Body Veil: We have four bodies – physical, emotional, mental (our string of thoughts) and spiritual body – inside this veil we don’t operate in harmony with all of our bodies.

14. Agreements: Our reality is held together by agreements that are the core of this experience; when we operate inside the agreement veil, we have no idea that we are making agreements that usually get into our way. Within this veil are three types of agreements: Vows (a solemn promise with yourself or another), agreements (a binding arrangement) and contracts (multiple agreements bound together).

15. Karma: Karma is the lesson paradigm from which we learn in this three-dimensional experience; see Decode Karma.

16. Patterns: Patterns are a complex series of agreements that we take on to experience various aspects of life. Simple patterns include impatience, greed, stubbornness, lack of presence, lack of confidence and the klutz pattern. Patterns are varied and are agreed upon either before birth or during life.

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