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The Game of Separation (Part 2)

The Game of Separation Pieces

There are a multitude of pieces that The Game is broken up into.

Some of these pieces are defined as follows:

Attacks – Attacks comes in various forms to our different physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. For example, a cord is a spiritual attack that attaches and sucks out our lifeforce.

Illusions – We are in an illusion (a false reality) called the Game of Separation. Within this game are sub-games or other illusions in which we may be trapped and cannot see what is really going on in our reality.

Fantasy – A combination between The Game’s pieces, beliefs and agreements that create an unbalanced, extreme and chaotic reality.

Nightmare – A combination reality that includes games, beliefs, agreements and a controller that create FEAR (false evidence appearing real) and a negative reality.

Trap – A reality with beliefs, agreements and a controller who catches and retains you within a reality.

Paradigm – A combination reality that includes negative elements of The Game’s beliefs, agreements and a controller that creates a false reality.

Programs – A coded agreement that automates actions, beliefs, thoughts and emotions.

Foundations – Four agreements make up a foundation. A foundation sets up the ability to build an aspect of the 3rd dimension.

Matrices – Four platforms make up a matrix. (Four foundations make a platform).

Games/Subgames – A game is comprised of a number of elements including players and rules. People play different games with one another constantly in this reality to take something from another or dump something on you.

Movies – a fantasy or an Illusion.

Photos – a captured moment that traps your lifeforce.

Stories – a series of events that can create a distorted reality.

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