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The Game of Separation (Part 3)

The Places of The Game

A place is a point in time and space where one can play The Game. The following are some of the places in which one can play The Game:

Dimension – Various levels of the game occur in different dimensions. A two-dimensional object only has two sides, a third dimensional object has six sides. A dimension can occur in numerous locations.

Holes – empty spaces in a reality without any codes; think of a black hole for example.

Realm – A series of worlds that are strung together.

Space – When we have space in our life, we can receive new experiences; it is the essence that allows us to experience life and to know Source.

This Side – This side is where you express life in a body.

The Other Side – The other side is where you exist without a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual body; you are aware of yourself on the other side, depending upon how advanced you become on this side.

Time – The illusion of time is our perception of the past, present and future. We can only create, co-create and receive miracles in the present or the now.

World – There are various worlds including Source’s World, The Dream World, The Spirit World, the Earth World, etc. Beings can create their own worlds within the third dimensional universe.

Universe – There are a number of universes in place. Each of these universes has a particular purpose and different game elements. If you are reading this download, you are currently in the third dimensional universe that is comprised of space, time, planets, stars and various types of beings.

The Game Experiences

Positive/negative pole – We live in a gradient of experience that ranges from negative to positive. At the nth degree of negative we experience the extreme negative and at the nth degree of positive, we experience the extreme positive.

Process – What you need to do to evolve out of The Game – what you experience in your reality. Your process may involve clearings, attunements and other mechanisms to move out of The Game.

Reality – Our reality is our individual present perception of our experience here in the third dimensional universe.

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