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Walking the walk

Updated: May 31, 2020

Men are creatures of action who are built to fix physical things; give a man something physical to fix and he will spend hours trying to fix it. Women are creatures of creation and we are built to receive. A prime example is that women can create another human’s inside them. Women believe their “action” is to fix humanity on a spiritual, emotional and mental level. Women believe they have to take on other’s process and responsibilities, and process for them. Men believe their “action” is to only fix things that are broken in the physical world (the car, the air conditioning, the toilet), or the only action they can take is physical (sex, sports, work, “man chores”). This belief is due to a combination of agreements, body connections, balance, flexibility and of course, being in the “Man’s world”.

Because men aren’t connected to all their bodies, they are only going to work in the body they are connected to the most; the physical. Women are overly connected to their spiritual, emotional and mental bodies. They tend to be overwhelmed in these bodies due to the imbalance connection to these bodies. The issue is that women try to process for everyone else but themselves because they are told to believe to be a “damsel in distress” but also “Wonder Woman” at the same time. And because you can’t process someone else’s process, women over-connect to the bodies that are built to process, thinking they are getting somewhere.

So how is either gender going to take responsibility for their “actions” if they are told a false belief of what their action is? They don’t, neither men nor women truly take responsibility in The Game of Separation. They are told from the day they are born, men do this, woman do that, and there is no way to change it because your “hard wired” to do only this or only that. God’s truth is that you are not hard wired to be limited in the action you can take. The controllers of The Game of Separation need you to believe that you can only take certain action because that keeps you in the game: by being codependent on others, not processing your own process, continue not to be connected and balanced with your four main bodies, not take any responsibility for your actions/thoughts/words, and to make agreements outside of God. You will find a lot of agreements with the “Man-made god” and men in this area because well you live in the “Man’s world” and men don’t want to connect to their emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, take responsibility for their actions/thoughts/words, nor process their own process. They love just doing physical action, it makes them feel important, powerful and in control. At the end of the day, this gets neither man nor woman anywhere. At a certain point in a man’s life, physical action gets harder to do, and a man starts feeling worthless. They rely more on the “man group agreements” to hold onto their power and control in the “Man’s world”. Women tend to lose their minds as they get older and age worse than man. How could a woman not have this experience, when they have taken on so much of everyone else’s process and responsibility, and none of their own? In the Game of Separation, man nor woman evolve anywhere, and that’s the goal of the game: have neither man nor woman not evolve out of the game.

How do you evolve out of this component of The Game of Separation? With God’s will, of course. God’s will is that you have a balance of receiving, creating and action, however, in order to be balanced in these three actions, you need to:

1. Process your own process, can’t throw it off on someone else, and you can’t take on other people’s processes,

2. Take responsibility for your actions (all of them),

3. Connect and be balanced with all four bodies, and

4. Remove all agreements that are outside of God. This will start when you connect with God and start asking for help out of The Game of Separation.

How to Evolve: A balance of receiving, creating and action per God’s will.

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