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What is Karma? (brief outline)

Updated: May 31, 2020

Men are primarily focused on the War and Peace game, whereas, women are primarily victims of all of the war games. See “Decoding Karma” by Alison Cherney for a complete explanation of each karma game and all aspects of karma. A brief outline of karma is that there are 10 main Games of Karma and within those ten mainframe games is four quadrants of karma games. It takes four points of intent to create one karmic matrix. Karma is essential the law of attraction. It is the unseen form that rules our lives until we figure out what game we are playing in. Karma is one of the original four immutable “laws” of being a human on this planet. But what is Karma really? To break it down to the simplest terms: it is cause and effect. You did this in a past life, well now you’re going to experience the opposite in this or another life. You are going to “walk the walk” until you learn your lesson(s) and repay our karmic debt. Now, we have old karma we need to clear out of and we have instant karma to keep us in line. Humanity has a lot of old karma to clear out of, they have been reincarnating life after life and not processing any of their old karma (or barely any).

One of the main tools the controllers of the game use is your karma, a game within a game. If you don’t process your karma, you can’t evolve out of the karma game nor The Game of Separation (and they need you to stay in the games). The most fascinating part about karma is that you and only you are responsible for your own karma, and only you can resolve your karma. So, if karma involves taking responsibility and processing, you can see where man said, “No thanks” and proceeded to pass it off to a woman to process, and woman are to busy trying to process everyone else’s process that they can’t even get to processing of their own karma.

How does one resolve karma? First, you need to identify the karma game(s) you are in and are acting out. This involves identify your lesson(s) and the emotions tied to each karmic game. Second, decide if you would like to have your process sped up or not. Third, either ask for God for resolution or let the karma game play out (pay off your debt). Once you understand the game(s) and the lesson(s) you need to learn, you can ask God to provide resolution to your karma. Keep in mind that karma games are merely the paths to our lessons, our lessons are created by the causes of our past and now we need to feel the effects of our causes, so we learn our lessons and move on.

If we didn’t have karma, there would be no balance in the universe, there would be no understanding of God, his/her wisdom, love, faith, will, purpose and creation. Once you resolve your karma by paying off your karma debt and learning your lesson, you can get out of the karma veil and start getting out of The Game of Separation. You will find that Karma will be one of the more challenging components to evolve out of. However, with God, anything is possible.

To Evolve out: Get out of the karma veil, and don’t incur any new karma, watch your p’s and q’s.

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