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What is your process?

Updated: May 31, 2020

Man’s process is called “man time” and woman’s process is called “girl time”. Men play out their process in their appropriately named “man caves”. While few men have really processed things to date, they like to go hide in their special caves and figure things out. This means that they tune out the outside world and try to figure out their next steps (mostly just tune the outside world out). Women on the other hand need to talk about their process with others (usually female) until they can: get to a solution (the one that they have in their heads), get as many people to agree with them or be on “their side” of the fight, or successfully don’t solve their own issue.

Obviously, a man and woman having a fight is an issue. The man would likely to retreat the man cave, while the woman would likely talk to the man until they have a solution, or talk to their girlfriends, moms or sisters about every detail of the fight and how awful it was for her. Neither Man nor Woman are processing any of their own process. They are both successfully doing the opposite. But what is your process? And how do I identity what is my process and someone else's?

Process is defined as: movement and clearing of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual obstacles, and getting out of the 16 veils. With Karma being the densest veil to process out of.

The first thing you need to learn to understand is what is your process and someone else’s process because you can’t process someone else’s process (it isn’t physically, mental, emotionally or spiritually possible). Humans have become masters of throwing their process onto others simply because they don’t want to process their own process. Processing your own junk can be difficult and it takes work. This is the very reason that people with a lot to process to begin with pass it off. Men hate processing. They have been able to dump their process onto women their whole lives. If you were a man in the “man’s world”, would you take responsibility and process your own process? Mostly likely not. On the flip side, Women are running around in the “Man’s world” taking on everyone else’s responsibilities and process.

Examples of your process

  • Your Responsibilities

  • Your Emotions

  • Your Thoughts

  • Your Karma

  • Your Agreements

  • Your Fears

  • Your "Baggage"

  • Your Life Lessons

  • Your Actions

  • Your Consequences

  • Your Work

  • Your Decisions

  • Your Life

  • Your Bodies

The owner of the process should take responsibility for their own process. However, we have created an environment that makes it easy to pass your process onto the people around you. But if someone else can't really process your process and you can't really process someone else's process - why are we doing this? Answer: We do it because "monkey see, monkey do", we have been taught from a very young age to either take on other's process because it's our responsibility or that it is okay to dump our process onto others to take care of. Neither of these teachings are healthy nor correct. They only way you can move forward in life and move down you path is to take responsibility for your own process and to actually process (The actually processing part takes work and practice, and that is a whole another blog).

To rephrase and emphasis the importance of processing your process, you can not move down your life path or build a new one if you do not process your process. It's like if you decided to to carry your checked in bags, carry on bags, your food, your purse/backback, your ticket, a neck pillow, and God only knows what else, down a long terminal to get to your flight, you can only drag the bags so far. If you want to keep going down your life path or build a new life path, you have to process your process and let go of your baggage, or you'll be the person standing in the middle of the terminal wondering how you got there and why you can't move forward.

How to Evolve: Men and Women become balanced - they both can work out their process and take responsibility for their actions, words and thoughts. Never passing or dumping their process on anyone or anything. Now wouldn't that be a reality worth living in?

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