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What is your purpose in this lifetime?

Updated: May 31, 2020

The purpose of man is to be entertained and the purpose of women is to entertain them. A man’s purpose is to work, play or watch sports, and to be in constant physical motion. The purpose of the woman is to be truly subservient to the man in his world, and be his constant source of companionship. Or so that is the rules and beliefs in The Game of Separation.

Women lose their self-identity in this process because how is one to discover and understand who they are if they are told who to be? Once you lose your identity, it is easy to get you to agree to the “Man’s world”. In the Game of Separation, the controllers of the game want human’s purpose to be a slave forever in the game. Re-incarnating over and over, not process any old karma (and creating new karma), throwing veils on you so you don’t see the truth (and what they are doing behind the curtain), which drives you deeper and deeper into the game. So, if you want to get out of The Game of Separation and find your true purpose, now is your chance. Your true purpose is to be connected to God, always, and to co-create with God. Do you have life lessons and experiences you need to learn and experience, Yes. Do you have karma that you need to process, Yes. Do you have veils over your eyes and seem to be in a Game that is rigged against you, Yes. But, if there is God’s will and power, there is a way. God gave you an identity that not only gives you the life lessons but also the tools (that are unique to only you) to accomplish your purpose here on this planet. Each human has their own purpose, it could be as simple as understanding what it is like to live in the third dimension to advanced purposes of evolving the human population. But be careful, as I mentioned in the self identity section, there are a lot of beings out there that are trying to steal your identity, which you need to fulfill your purpose and return back to God.

How does one find out what their true purpose is? One need to get out of The Game of Separation to find out. Right now, you’re probably thinking, “Well I always thought my purpose in life is to teach or to heal or to make a lot of money”. No, that isn’t your purpose, that is your karma that you’re paying off. Your true purpose comes from God, and only God. Your true purpose is what you co-create with God. To start on the path to finding out what your true purpose is, start talking to God, and ask for the path out of The Game of Separation. Then and only then will you figure out and fulfill your purpose. Returning to God in the end.

To Evolve out: Connect and talk with God to find your true purpose. Ask for the path out of The Game of Separation, and start fulfilling your purpose with God.

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